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About Us


Elaine was born in Brooklyn, NY to a family of five children. As the only daughter of Irish & Italian-American parents, Elaine’s love of food and cooking began at a very early age. Her memories as a child were often watching her mother and grandmother cook Sunday dinner. Large holiday gatherings at her Italian grandparent's home with lots of aunts, uncles & cousins, and a long dining room table overflowing with food created the backdrop of her childhood. Meals went on for hours ... laughing, eating, and drinking wine, Sundays were the best! Waking up to the smell of meatballs frying and tomato sauce simmering on the stove - what a treat it was to dip a piece of crusty Italian bread into the sauce and add a warm, fried meatball on top. This was  ‘Sunday Brunch!’

Elaine’s passion for food and love of cooking continued to grow as a young girl while traveling through Europe. She fell in love with Italy and developed a very special connection to Southern Italy and Sicily. Taking recipe’s from her Neapolitan and Calabrian roots and her husband’s Sicilian family, she continues the tradition by cooking Sunday dinner for family and friends most weekends. Elaine loves to host parties and entertain. Her love of food and and taking care of her guests comes through at every meal. She enjoys setting a beautiful table, cooking simple, delicious Old World Italian dishes and making her guests feel loved. 


Elaine's husband, Enzo is also one of five children. Born in the Bronx, NY, he is the son of Italian immigrant parents and grew up on Arthur Avenue ... the real “Little Italy.” His family immigrated from Sicily and arrived in the US in 1955. Surrounded by family and friends in that Italian neighborhood, they continued the traditions of the “old country.” As young boy, shining shoes on Sunday mornings outside Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church was the beginning of his entrepreneurial spirit. Moving to Long Island as a teenager, his Sicilian parents spent summers growing tomatoes, eggplant and other vegetables that would be jarred and stored for cooking throughout the year. Memories of making homemade wine and dinners that went on for hours molded his childhood. 


At age 10, Enzo began working at his brother’s deli in Astoria, Queens and eventually in his restaurant and catering business in Bayside, all while controlling the urge to play his drums and go on the road with a rock band! He eventually made his way as a technology executive, he never lost his passion for good food & wine, and spending time with family and friends ... and drumming. You may find him on any of the local golf courses struggling to make par-yet laughing and enjoying every minute!


Since moving here over 30 years ago, Elaine and Enzo have established deep roots throughout the Three Village Community ...“Three Village is our home and we are thrilled to provide a neighborhood spot where friends can come together to share a good meal, enjoy conversation and feel at home."

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